Our Services

Complete Solutions For Express & Economy Services Of International Courier , Cargo Freight & Shipping Services For Import & Export Through All Modes Of Trasportation Air, Ship, Rail & Road Within Country & Throuout The Globe .


Versatility and affordability is the key to our success, as we offer variety of door to door services across the globe for yours samples shipments/commercial shipments /gifts etc. It is an integration of all our resources, available to us worldwide to rnake it suitable to your urgency and cost We are pleased to offer various solutions, viz.:

  • 1-On Board Courier*
  • 2-Express Plus
  • 3-Express
  • 4-Expedited
  • 5-Economy Services
  • 6-Freight Collect Shipment
  • 7-Imports Express

  • 1 On Board Courier4 : When Time Is Critical and express delivery is just not last enough, "BEATTHE CLOCK" with our unique, personalized On board Courier Service. The fastest way to ship any package of any size on the very next available flight.' Please call customer services for details.

  • 2 Express Plus":At times you may have a very urgent shipment to be Delivered within a stipulated time. We have a solution to offer you.

  • We deliver it on time. . . . or we will refund your Freight**

  • 3 Express :All your shipments shall be delivered on time as per the transit schedule*, all over the world.

  • 4 Expedited :The world has become very competitive and we are under pressure to cut the Cost. We can assist in doing the same by offering you expedited services. It is a combination of Speed and Cost If you are slightly flexible and have time in hand, this product is designed to save a lot of money and still committed to main tain delevery schedule for you.

  • 5 Economy Services :Unique revolutionary product to suit your low priority door to door Shipments save upto 40% on your shipping cost.

  • 6 Freight Collect Shipments :We offer you freight collect services for your collect Shipments to all the Major destinations across the globe.

  • 7 Import Express :We offer you wide range of import services from Hongkong/China/Turky/UK/US/Enrope/Far fast and various destinations across the globe